Remodeling your home can be quite the undertaking, but you know that the end result will be worth it. If you’re reconfiguring a few rooms, or you’re adding on, it’s important to consider how your HVAC systems will work once the renovations are complete. Your current air conditioner may not be able to keep up with the cooling demands of your new square footage, and that’s where ICE Cooling is ready to help. With professional air conditioning installation and maintenance in Intercession City, we can make sure your new addition is as cool as the rest of your home.

It might be necessary to upgrade your AC unit to a larger model, so that it can keep up with the demands of your expanded space. If you’re adding windows or making the current windows bigger, there will be more sunlight and heat finding their way into your house. With an updated AC, those rooms can stay cool even when the curtains or blinds are open. It may be better to add a second air conditioning unit for the new part of your home, and we can discuss those options with you, as well as zoning, additional thermostats, and other alternatives.

If you’re adding on to your home, or you’ve noticed that your current air conditioner can no longer keep up with the Florida heat, call us today. We’ve proud to serve Intercession City, and can provide a free estimate for your home air conditioning services. We’ll help you choose the right system, and understand how to make your home more energy efficient. Contact us now!