It’s never enjoyable to come home after a long day at the office to find that your air conditioner never turned on and your house is now warmer inside than outside. At ICE Cooling, we’ve received countless calls from homeowners that need immediate air conditioner repair, and we’re always ready to help however we can. In most cases, there is a way to fix the AC unit and get it working again, but every so often, it’s necessary to replace the entire system. If you live in Kenansville and need AC services, please don’t hesitate to call.

If your current air conditioner can be repaired, we’ll work as quickly as we can to get it working, but if it needs to be replaced, we’ll let you know right away. We won’t waste your time and ours on trying to fix a system that can’t be repaired, and instead we’ll get to work on finding and installing your new air conditioning unit. It might be necessary to install a larger unit in order to effectively cool the entire house, but we’ll find the most energy-efficient options for you to consider.

At ICE Cooling, we’re proud to serve the Kenansville area with exceptional air conditioner repair and other cooling services, and we’ll always work hard to keep you and your family cool during those hot and humid Florida days. We’ll always be honest and upfront about what repairs are necessary, what the costs will be, and what the best plan is for maintaining your new or current AC system.