Whether you’re at home or the office all day long, you don’t really notice the air conditioning until it stops working properly. Your house or office building is cool and comfortable, and you go about your day, enjoying an interior that’s at the appropriate temperature. However, when your AC goes out and that temperature starts to rise, you quickly take notice. At ICE Cooling, we’ve provided air conditioning installation and maintenance to many Kissimmee homeowners and business owners, and can make sure that your house or commercial space stays comfortable year-round.

There are many reasons why an air conditioner will stop working, and we won’t leave your property until we find out what those reasons are. If it’s a quick fix, we’ll replace the faulty component right away, and if it’s a more extensive issue, we’ll figure out the best approach as soon as we can. We’re proud to be a Top Rated Local® air conditioning company in Osceola County, and we’re always ready to tackle a new AC problem or challenge. If the entire cooling system needs to be replaced, we’ll get you a quote and installation timeline immediately.

A house or office that is growing warmer by the hour due to a faulty air conditioner can not only make the space uncomfortable, it can also be dangerous, especially on the hottest of Florida days. If you have children at home, or elderly parents living with you, and your air conditioning goes out, please call us right away. We’ll be there right away to provide AC maintenance at a fair and affordable price.