Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature shouldn’t be a challenge, but if you’ve discovered that certain rooms in your home stay warmer than others, your air conditioning system might not be working correctly. It’s perfectly fine to keep your AC turned down when you’re gone for the day, but if it takes a few hours for your home to cool off once you’re back, it might be time to schedule a service and maintenance appointment. At ICE Cooling, we’ve helped many Winter Park homeowners get the most out of their AC, without spending a fortune on energy costs.

You can help your AC perform better by closing the vents in rooms that remain unoccupied most of the time, such as guest bedrooms and bathrooms. However, when you have company, you want them to be comfortable, and if you open the vents and the room still doesn’t cool down, it could be time to repair or replace your air conditioner. Our cooling experts can diagnose any AC problem, and will recommend the necessary repairs or suggest replacing the entire unit. We will do whatever we can to fix your current system, and will only suggest complete replacement when there is no other option.

If your house is too warm when you arrive home from work, or you’ve noticed that certain rooms just won’t cool down, give us a call today. When it comes to air conditioning companies in central Florida, there’s no better choice than ICE Cooling! We look forward to helping you.