There are countless businesses in Orlando that offer a wide variety of products and services, but one thing that every company has in common is that every one of them needs a comfortable place for their employees to work. In Florida, that comfort is often dependent on a properly working air conditioning system, and when the air conditioner breaks down, it’s imperative to find a commercial AC service provider that can take care of the problem quickly. At ICE Cooling, we know how to get your commercial AC system up and running again in no time.

Diagnosing AC Issues

When our technician arrives at your location, they will first discuss with you the issues that you’ve noticed. Are you able to set the thermostat where you want it? Is there any cool air coming from the vents? Once they have a better idea of the situation, the technician will access your air conditioning unit and begin diagnosing the problem or problems. Commercial AC units are often located on the roof, especially on larger buildings, and we can safely access the rooftop unit and thoroughly inspect the system for issues. We understand the configuration and design of every air conditioner model and type, and will soon know what repairs are required.

We have a fully stocked warehouse of replacement parts, so once we know what the issue is, we can repair it quickly. We know that your employees who work in the building have been suffering long enough in an office that’s too hot, and we want to restore cool, comfortable air as soon as we can. We’ll do our best to minimize the disruptions to your everyday workflow, and keep you informed of the repairs that are necessary or that we’ve completed.