1. What are the benefits of installing a high efficiency air conditioner?

    Lower energy costs. The most obvious benefit of installing a high efficiency air conditioner is that it saves you money on your energy bills. The more efficient your air conditioner is, the less energy it needs to operate and the lower your energy costs will be. The amount of energy you save will depend on the efficiency of your current model. The larger the jump in efficiency from your old to you…Read More

  2. How does an air conditioner qualify as a high efficiency unit?

    The best way to determine whether or not an air conditioner is a high-efficiency model is to look at its SEER rating. A SEER rating describes how efficiently an air conditioner converts the energy it consumes into usable cool air for your home. In order to qualify for the Energy Star label, an air conditioner must have a SEER rating of at least 14.5. Air conditioners with the Energy Star label are…Read More

  3. Why is a High Efficiency Air Conditioner a Good Investment for Homeowners?

    Installing a high efficiency air conditioner has a surprising amount of benefits, and those benefits go beyond simply lowering your energy bills. But would you know how to identify a high efficiency unit if you were choosing a new air conditioner for your home? Today we’re going to help you distinguish high efficiency air conditioners from lower-efficiency models and go over the many benefits of…Read More