1. Commercial AC Repair for Your Business

    There are countless businesses in Orlando that offer a wide variety of products and services, but one thing that every company has in common is that every one of them needs a comfortable place for their employees to work. In Florida, that comfort is often dependent on a properly working air conditioning system, and when the air conditioner breaks down, it's imperative to find a commercial AC serv…Read More

  2. Picking the Right AC Thermostat

    As a resident of Orlando or the surrounding area, you most likely keep an eye on your air conditioning thermostat so that you know at exactly what temperature the unit is set. At ICE Cooling, we've helped many homeowners that were experiencing problems with their thermostat, or were having issues with setting the desired temperature. There are so many thermostat options out there, that picking the…Read More

  3. Choose the Right Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan

    Your air conditioner requires regular maintenance to work properly, and at ICE Cooling in Orlando, we offer AC tune-up and maintenance plans that will keep you cool all year long. We know how warm your home can get when your air conditioning system isn't working, and how the Florida heat and humidity can creep in and make the interior a very uncomfortable place to be. With one of our maintenance p…Read More